Skylight Installation 

Are you having leaks from your skylight?  Or from hail damage? Lopez Roofing has the experience you need.


Above you will see some before and after work.

Chimney Repair

Let Lopez Roofing tend to your chimney repairs whether it be : 

  • Re-flashing the chimney 
  • Apply Silicone sealant to mortar joints that are failing
  • Chimney Leaks

Pictures above is work Lopez Roofing has done 


Attic Ventilation

Lopez Roofing understands the importance of a properly installed ventilation system.  Attic ventilation is very important component of your roof it is very often overlooked. A ventilation system can be addressed and cost effective whether your roof is being replaced or not. 

Lopez Roofing is able and understands the different types of exhaust ventilation, that will work best on your house.  Having the adequate exhaust as well as the adequate intake is the key to having an efficient and well balanced ventilation system.  Give Lopez Roofing a call today to see what will work best for your house or business.  

Please see pictures above for reference.